Friday, April 13, 2007

" I'd been through so much, falling short again and again, and only recently had found a place where who I was, right now, was more than enough."

hi! ashley here, i'm alyssa's grandaughter. i got a chance to come on here and read a few of her posts. i saw she had made a post about me, which was one of those things you read and get all fuzzy inside. since she took the time out to write one about me i figured i'd sneak on here and write one about her, to tell how amazing she really is.... and maybe brag a little myself. well i guess i can start with how cute she is. her face is perfect, and she's so short- adorable. not only is she cute, but she is also probably the most intelligent person i know. she know's something about everything. she has a view and knowlage about almost everything so starting a conversation is like eating a piece of pie. she always knows the right things to say and when to say them. everyone has a bad day once in a while, and she is the perfect person to go to when it's one of those days. just seeing her makes me smile. her yard and gardens look like a botanical garden and a park put together. she takes such pride in her gardening, which she should because they are always better than outstanding. she plays the piano. i wish i could fall asleep everyday to her playing. she can cook and bake like nobody's buisness too! well steve just left to go pick her up from work, so this is all the bragging i have time for. i can say that i am one of the luckiest grandaughters in the entire world to have a grandma like her. she is beautiful and smart and so talented. she makes my life 900 times better by just being in it. i love her more than words could ever explain! i love you alyssa!


Kate said...

That was a lovely tribute to your grandmaman, Ashley.

Kate said...

oops ... that comment was sent off when I signed in.

Alyssa, you have done a remarkable job bringing up Ashley.

I like your philosophy ... thank you for commenting on my blog. You always leave such inspirational thoughts. I very much appreciate that!

Hope your weekend is a good one...