Monday, October 22, 2007

Bulbs and the Family Outing

This past week started with some more packages dropped at our door. The big bulb order I placed at Van Engelen arrived. This first box is a collection of 5 different types of miniature daffodils that will go into Steve's new planting area.

These others are Allium, Chionodoxa, Eremurus (Foxtail lily) and Orienpet and Oriental lilies. They are all in great shape and packaged expertly. This weekend I planted some of the Allium, one of the bags of Daffodils and the Eremurus.


This Sunday was also the time for our October Family Outing. We went to a pumpkin farm and then carved pumpkins at Cindy's house. All the "usual suspects" were there, Jesse and Maiko , (and for a second time, I'm apologizing to Maiko for spelling her name wrong. In a previous blog I said it was spelled Miako and she told me today is Maiko. I think I've got it right now!) Guy, Kelly, my sister Sue, Cindy and myself. And some newcomers, Ashley and her boyfriend Shaun also joined us.

Ashley getting the pumpkin carving table ready and posing with boyfriend Shaun

and with Cindy's big dog, Misty. They are both such sweeties!

The pumpkin farm was in a lovely area and the leaves were fantastic. Of course there were horses there and a cute little dog who loved all the attention Jesse was giving him.

We took a wagon ride around and through a beautiful maple woods and were dropped off in the pumpkin patch.

Sue preparing to hop on and Guy waiting patiently on the hay bales. Off we go . . .

A view of the woods and trail and Maiko and Jesse with a backdrop of maple leaves.

After the very enjoyable wagon ride, the pumpkin patch was a bit of a let down. Maybe because it is a week before Halloween or a bad year for pumpkins, but we didn't see many pumpkins at all. Those colored dots way in back are my family, searching . Among the dried grass were pumpkin vines and what seemed like rotted or squashed pumpkins all over the place.

Happily, the farmer had another wagon with about 2 dozen pumpkins on and around it in the field and we found some pretty good ones.

And Guy searching for pumpkins in the high grass.

Once back home, we started carving . . . .

Misty was smiling away because she loves company!

And Prince (I call him Prince of Darkness because of his bad habit of swiping at people when they walk past him.) did a very good imitation of a scary Halloween kitty.

Kelly is getting to be quite the lovely young lady. She usually won't let me snap too many pictures of her, but I was sneaky and got some very nice photos.

Guy found this little misshapen pumpkin and really used his imagination to fashion this neat creation.

And since I was eating and talking a lot, my jack-o-lantern was pretty bland.

Cindy's shows very little originality too - it looks kind of like a robot. But then, she likes to talk as much as I do!

The weather today was perfect - in the 70s and very windy. We were lucky because tomorrow is supposed to change drastically and be in the 50s. Our family outings seemed to be blessed with obliging weather all the time - we've not had one rain-out. And I am blessed with this wonderful family who brighten my life no matter what the weather.


Neat Mushroom Picture


Our lives teach us who we are.

Salman Rushdie, Independent on Sunday,

February 4, 1990


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Old Wom Tigley said...

Stunning.. I felt I was right there with you... Gut's pumpkin wins hands down, it was very good.

I enjoy reading and view the pictures here, you have a nice friendly way and it shows through in your postings.

Alyssa said...

Old Wom - I'm really happy that you enjoyed our Family Outing. I could kick myself for not getting pictures of everyone elses pumpkins. But, Guy's is the very best to be sure.

Pam said...

Thanks for taking us along with you, a most enjoyable outing, I enjoyed every picture and every moment. We need to get into the pumpkin business pretty soon, we're a little behind schedule.

Alyssa said...

Pam - I'm glad you could join us. Don't pumpkins remind you of being young? They sure do with me.

DeeMom said...

Miniature daffodils, neat as well as all the other bulbs Alyssa. AH Pumpkins. We used to carve them here when the kids were here, I still do at least one…kids or not. Just so much fun actually, then I roast the seeds.
Looks like you had perfect weather. The misshapen pumpkin is a hoot.

Totally awesome SHROOM picture.

Alyssa said...

Dee - Yes, kids or not it's pretty much a given that pumpkins have to be carved before Halloween. I didn't roast any seeds this year though - was talking too much!

kate said...

What a cool idea - having a pumpkin-carving party. I loved the idea of going out and picking out your own pumpkins.

I'd be right alongside you and talking far more than I was carving.

Everyone looks as if they had a great time - wonderful pictures of everyone! And where were you in the pictures? Someone should take one of you ... maybe Ashley will read this and sneak one in:)

Mary said...

Hi Alyssa,

Your family outing reminds me of our times in Maryland when we'd all meet at the pumpkin patch and the time we met at the Christmas tree farm to pick the perfect tree.

Your photos are so nice - you included the ENTIRE family of pets and very pretty girls (they HATE having their photos taken - way to self-conscieous for having such beauty). I enjoyed this so much.

So you talk alot? Somehow, I'm not surprised...tee hee. I'd love to meet you one day. You live in a beautiful place...

Bare Bones Gardener said...

With Aus' being a Thanksgiving and Halloween free zone, it's interesting to see what happens elsewhere in the world.

Those bulbs look good, and suggest a beautiful display when they come up.