Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Wonderful Christmas Days

Well, it's all over and the new year has begun. I've taken some better pictures of my Santa figurines and the Christmas tree. (Hope you don't mind the redundancy. ) My new "Tea Time Santa" arrived well before Christmas and is very cute. Since I'm a huge tea drinker, and this figurine is the first we've found with a pig (I like pigs very much), is is doubly special. The little pig is on Santa's right looking up at him. Also, notice one of the bottle-brush evergreen trees in the background that sister Sue had given me for my birthday. It fits right in!

I like the duck and rabbit sitting at the tea table, too. Following are some more of my collection.

Hopefully, this is a better picture of the tree and one of the ornaments I particularly like.
On Christmas Day my family came over to celebrate and exchange gifts. Here's Steve keeping the pugs on a lease until things settled down. Look how you can just see Thea's eyes in the second picture. She sure takes some funny pictures!
As you can see, the "usual suspects" were there. That white mouse on the table played an annoying number of loud carols if you squeezed his hand!
Thea surveying everything from HER chair(notice how pretty the snow looks on the burning bushes outside) and my Ashley reading the card I'd given her.
We had an exceedingly beautiful snowfall that made everything look like a fairy land.
There was no wind for days and the yard looked like this for a long time. I had to go outside with a shop broom and clean off some of the sagging pine trees.
Isn't this fantastic! Well, the deer thought so too . . . .
Now that the rut is over, they are all showing up again.
On the Friday after Christmas, my daughter Adeena, her husband Tony, Sierra, Ashley and her boyfriend Sean came over for a great Christmas get together.
Ashley and Sierra hadn't met before our party, but, as you can see they really hit it off and spent lots of time playing games and reading.
The only good picture I could get of Adeena showing off her prized Packer jersey. Garm was really enjoying himself with all the affection she was giving him. She wants to take him home!!
Tony is a great son-in-law and always has a smile and laughs a lot.
He's a genuinely nice man who I'm happy to add to my family.
Sierra wanted to dress up in her "princess" dress and had her "diamond" heart earrings on for this special occasion. She also asked her mom to curl her hair. What a little sweetheart! ( And she is quite serious about taking pictures .)
The next two pictures show how much fun we were having. (My dear ones!)
I had a grand ,and relaxing as well ,holiday season and I hope everyone else did too. My year has been a good one and I feel very lucky to have the life I do. My family is slowly coming together and all of them are well. I have a good husband, a good job and an active, questioning mind. And, last, but surely not least, I've gained some interesting, funny, brave, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, empathetic and talented friends during my first year of blogging. You have all added many different dimensions to my existence and I thank you.
The new year will be wonderful!
A happy life consists in tranquility of mind.
Bye for now,


Old Wom Tigley said...

A beautiful post... you are inded blessed.
I look forward to visiting here in 2008 as I did last year.

DeeMom said...

Looks like all is perfectly lovely at your home for the Holidays Alyssa, great pictures of Everything.

MAN you got SNOW…do send some here; I want to play in it!

Mary said...


You had the best Christmas ever - I can tell! Your family looks so happy, your decorations are amazing, and to top everything off, your Christmas was white. What more can you ask for? Not much :o)

Thea and Garm patiently waited for their Santa surprises. So cute!

Yes, you are fortunate. I feel fortunate to have met you. You always make me laugh when I hear from you.

By the way, Zick Dough is a recipe by the famous Julie Zickefoose. It's a recipe for making home-made suet for birds and they love it! I'll make some and probably post about it. It's made with lard, peanuts and oats to keep the birds energetic and happy during the coldest months.

I just can't get over the deer in your yard. You live in a wonderland.

Hugs to you and best wishes for a great 2008!


Kerri said...

Wonderful post!

And the snow must have been just perfect!

Happy New Year....and
Here's to an even better 2008!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You look like a great bunch. I am glad you had a lovely holiday season. Thea likes like she just muttered "Bah Humbug." i guess we all can't be happy.

I continue to enjoy reading your blog. I hope you continue in the New Year.

Alyssa said...

Tom - Thank you very much and it's good to see you are well and back on your feet.

Dee - I'd like to send you some of the long pretty icicles hanging from our roof too. But now there are supposed to be temps in the high 40s this weekend!! Maybe it'll be all gone soon.

Mary - Thank you for the hugs and wishes.I gladly return them to you. This holiday season was a really, really nice one. Some have been kind of depressing - as most people have experienced occasionally.

The Zick Dough sounds like it will be an interesting post. I'd like to make some for our feathered visitors.

The deer are a mixed blessing. They are so pretty to watch in the winter, but they show up in spring and eat lots of stuff. The mothers teach the babies where the food is and I think whole families return each year to eat anything they can find!

Kerri - Yes, this snowfall was exceptionally beautiful this year. I don't recall one like it in my whole life.

Tossing - Yes, Thea seems to always look judgemental and somewhat dour. But she's actually a jolly little dog. I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I surely will keep trying to post as often as I am able.

Sharon said...

This was a wonderful warm post. I like your santa collection. And WOW, what a wonderful view from your home!

Pam said...

A very happy, lovely post. So much of what the season is about is right here. Except for the dear, your yard looks very much like mine-Snow and more snow.

Alyssa said...

Sharon - I'm glad you enjoyed my family and the Santas. Sometimes I think the best thing about our house is the view!!

Pam - Yes, Christmas wouldn't be the same without family. As for the snow, it will probably be only a memory after this very warm weekend that is forcast.

kate said...

Happy New Year Alyssa,

Your new Tea Time Santa is cute especially with the pig. What a cool collection of tea table figures.

It was good to see pictures of your family - everyone looks as if they were having a wonderful time. Ashley has gained a sweet little sister. Sierra is cute. I'm glad they hit it off so well.

And then there's Garm and Thea looking puggish and adorable. Give them hugs for me.

Best of luck in the New Year in all things!

Sharon said...

Hi Alyssa, thank you for your kind words on my blog. I read through your book list and you have a few that I am holding on to.
Keep up the nice work!

Anonymous said...

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