Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Little Vacation

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be gone for a few days on a mini-vacation with my favorite sister, Cindy. She and I get along really well and we are always laughing. We'll be gone for three days and our destination will be a wildlife preserve called Horicon Marsh. Here is a quote from their website:

Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. Located in southeast Wisconsin, this vast wetland is only one hour drive from Milwaukee and Madison. While this marsh in renown for its migrant flocks of Canada geese, it is also home to more than 260 kinds of birds which have been sighted over the years.
Due to its importance to wildlife, Horicon Marsh has been designated as a "Wetland of International Importance" and a "Globally Important Bird Area." Horicon Marsh is both a state wildlife area and national wildlife refuge.

It's only a bit over an hours drive and a work friend has given me directions for a scenic route. We're going to take pictures of barns along the way or anything interesting that pops up. We'll be staying at a B&B called the Honey Bee Inn. It's a hundred year old Victorian mansion in the little town of Horicon and it looks just fabulous. It is rated the best B&B in Wisconsin by some group so I can't wait to see it. I will have a blog about our trip and there will be pictures so everyone can see it.
A picture off the website. Very pretty!

One day we will canoe through the Marsh and the next day we'll hike some of the various trails. If there is time left we may do a little rummaging or antiquing. It will be a fun get-away no matter what the weather or what we end up doing. I'll be away from work and spending time with my sister.
Here's Cindy laughing. She is always ready for laughter.
Stay tuned for our Horicon trip.....
Bye for now,


Pam said...

Have the best time! It sounds wonderful.

Mary said...


We'll look forward to the lovely view! Sounds great. Lots of laughter is good for the heart!

Ziggywigs said...

Great post....love the pic of the house, it looks so quaint. Sounded like you had a great time together.

Kate said...

I know you will have a lovely time - there's nothing better than spending time with a sister and being surrounded by beauty. Enjoy the Horicon - your lodgings sound spectacular!