Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Step Back In Time

We are back from our little trip that lasted only two and a half days but it seems as if it were a month! We had a wonderful time and I hope to be able to convey the enjoyment and fun we had. I'm going to do two blogs. One about where we stayed and the other about the trip through the Marsh and our interesting picture-taking excursions .
This looks like the picture I posted previously from the Inn's web site, but I took this with my little digital camera. As you can see it's quite lovely outside and the interior is even better. Our room is the farthest to the left on the second floor.
There is such a feeling of elegance, warmth, and charm it took my breath away. It far surpassed the pictures on the site.

Cindy relaxing in the double chair.

Pictures of the parlor and breakfast room. The weather was so nice that we ate on an enclosed porch off of the dining area.

This was stuffed French toast, sausage, Parmesan potatoes, juice, and a beginning fruit course of pineapple pieces with maple cream and toasted coconut. Excellent and very filling!

We had to go up two flights of stairs to our room and this was on the first landing.

Amazing and original 1902 stained glass windows! They caught the western sun and were beautiful. This picture is a few steps from our room, looking down the stairs. There were Oriental style rugs covering most of the wood floors but the wide stairway was worn smooth and creaked wonderfully when ever we stepped on it.

This quaint little desk on the second floor housed a computer that was available to guests.

Our room was called the Country Nectar and was the largest of the four. The window seat was a really nice touch as well as the fire place. We didn't use the whirlpool but I'm sure it was quite sumptuous. And the four poster was super comfortable.

The best part of all was that we had the entire Inn to ourselves. The family lived on the third floor and came and went on a set of back stairs (as the servants would have many years ago). They had two teenage sons who we never saw or heard. The first floor consisted of the parlor divided into three seating areas - one for conversation, one for reading or relaxing and a game table spot. It was very large and cozy at the same time. At the front door was a covered porch with a swing and wicker furniture that ran the width of the house. The breakfast room had a lovely breakfront and original fireplace and the screened in dining porch was a few steps down.
All decorated so tastefully and there were so many little touches here and there I can't begin to explain them. Also off the main foyer was a music room with a woefully out of tune piano (I could only play it for a little while) and an ancient pedal organ. The room also doubled as a tiny gift shop as well.
What made everything so magical was the artful way little speakers were placed here and there and soft piano music was always playing. As if someone was practicing in some far off room. I came downstairs late at night and sat on the couch and pretended I was living in another age and there was a small recital going on in my big mansion and I had just stepped away for a breath of air.
Cindy and I were not so "gentile" as that though. The first night we sat on the smaller porch and she drank beer and we laughed and laughed until 1:30. We got pretty loud and had a fantastic time. The second night I had a bottle of champagne and some orange juice, mixed the two and I drank half the bottle! (That is very odd since I never drink. )We played Scrabble at the game table and again laughed and made a lot of noise. Cindy won by a hair but didn't have any champagne either. Those times I will cherish forever. It was so good to forget about everything and just enjoy myself. And, of course, Cindy loved it too.
The two days were over so quickly, but we packed a lot into them. In my next blog I'll explain what we did and what we saw.
Bye for now,

P.S. If anyone is coming to south central Wisconsin, I highly recommend the Honey Bee Inn. It's only an hours drive from Milwaukee and less from Madison. It will be a "step back in time" for you too.


Kate said...

What a incredibly well-restored mansion. The woodwork is awe-inspiring, as is the stained-glass window. What artistry and skill went into that!

The food looks scrumptious and I had to giggle reading about you and the champagne. How soothing it must have been to have soft piano music in the background.

Alyssa said...

Yes, Kate it was beautiful! The owner said she looked at 30 other homes before they found the perfect one. And I'll never forget that far off piano music.

Mary said...

Alyssa, the woodwork around the windows took my breath away! Right now I am ready for lunch (starving) and an envying the food on your plates :o) You must have had a wonderful time! Champagne helps, too!

Alyssa said...

Mary - The woodwork is called "flame birch" and is quite unusual in such quantities. It "made" the whole house. I think it was my favorite part. The food was excellent and she just heaped our plates! I found out what I was drinking is called Mimosa - they surely go down easy.