Sunday, June 3, 2007

What I've Been Doing and Some Waterhouse

I know I had promised to blog about music, but that particular Muse has left me for a while. At the time it seemed like a rather simple thing - to write about my very close relationship with music and the importance it has played in my entire life. But, during the week, mulling the subject over, it became quite complicated so I'll save it for another time.

The last two days I've been trying to finish up the endless gardening and, now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I planted the FV garden (the new name for the flower/vegetable garden) with flats and flats of annuals, 3 cucumber plants (I feel guilty buying cucumber seedlings, but time isn't on my side) 13 hot and sweet pepper plants, 12 cherry tomato plants of 4 different varieties, 4 small bred- for- container tomatoes (so what are they doing in the garden?), a bay leaf shrublet, and 2 miniature golden barberry shrubs. The tomatoes and peppers were planted last week and there are many perennials, bi annuals, and annuals that came up from compost I'd put down a few years ago.
There is giant blue lobelia, hosta, matricaria, rose campion, purple coneflower, coreopsis, sidalcea (a mallow kind of plant), and lamb's ears. There are plenty of self sown larkspur ,which are favorites , because I can't seem to grow delphiniums. In the bottom box of the garden, years ago, I had, on a lark, sprinkled a package of wildflower seeds in a row, the length of the box. What a joy they are and no deer, woodchuck or rabbit can kill them. There are mainly brilliant sweet william in lovely crimson, pink and white mixtures and one large ,but ethereal, blue flax plant with new, baby blue flowers every morning.
And then Steve laid down two very large flat pieces of lannon stone (dug up from his last planting project) in the center of one of the boxes so I'd have stepping stones. I found two more smaller ones and laid them in like puzzle pieces. He then put down lots of straw mulch around most everything but put decorative hemlock wood chips around the long border of alyssum (love that name!) plants I'd put in the bottom box.

Now that is finished! All that is left for next weekend is to plant a flat of pinkish nicotiana around the pond. I have some kind of pink wave petunias that I had planted in there a few weeks ago, but they look bad and aren't performing like I want. And nicotiana are nearly fool-proof so they will go in with the petunias. Oh yes, I picked up water plants - water lettuce, water hyacinth, and pickerel weed - for the pond. The fish love them!

And, I'd forgotten, pot up the last of my shade and sun annuals- the stragglers. The little pig planter that I showed in a blog a couple of months ago, I'll fill with purple alyssum and give to Ashley. She remarked how pretty the color was on her last visit.

Enough with the gardening!! and on to the Waterhouse. Here is another painter and type of painting I like. I know many women like him also because I see tiny paintings of his used as avatars quite a bit.

Just a little background and on to the pictures. John William Waterhouse was a British painter who was born in l849 and died in 1917. He painted in a style called Pre-Raphaelite (See Wikipedia for a good explanation of that if you're interested) and was famous for the female form in subjects taken from mythology, history, and literature. The pictures are highly symbolic and romantic - everyone seems to have flowing hair and gowns. They are very detailed and fun to explore.


Creepy Ophelia.....

Oh, such a haughty Cleopatra!

Looking at all of these pictures doesn't it seem Waterhouse used the same model? Weren't there any other women available???? Can't anyone smile??

Bye for now,



Pam said...

I love discovering new artists, thanks for the show. I'm a fan of the impressionists, Monet being my favorite, but these are beautifully done and wonderfully moody. My favorite is the lady with the mirror.

Mary said...

Alyssa, what a great display of art. He certainly knows how to capture the beauty of a woman! I love every one of them.

Now I must ask, he does your back feel? All of that work you described around the garden made me tired.

Mary said...

I meant to say, "how does your back feel?" (I'm getting careless on the keyboard...)

greenthumbz said...

Mom, Your "blogs" are Wonderful! They have given me a new sense of "inspiration".(given the loss of my garden)I want to announce to you and the world--Your blog got me motivated--I have begun working on my fall designs!!!!Mom- I cant thank you ENOUGH...My quote--"A life without a garden is a life that I can not live". Given what challenges lie ahead -- this is the "light" at the end of my tunnel..Mom you have reminded me about several forgotten favorites!My shade lovers especially. I've some what given the bold reds a rest for a while! I of course need some advice on a few "fall install" varieties. I have all my resources packed away. I must let you know- my African Mask-bloomed and DIED!! Mom- do they die after bloom or what? I was shocked! It was beautiful and a week later gone!! It was soooo gorgeous and NO pictures!! Oh and I must tell you- My Sally saw your picture last night and asked if you are a "Movie Star"..(because your on the internet)and she wanted you to know her spider plants "are having babies".(she's almost 6 in case anyone is wondering) Tony and I both love last months art photos! I seem to have seen several of them at some point-Im just not sure where. Just love the bear and little girl and of course the pigs!!...Mom, Thank-You and I love you--keep diggin' it all! Ad.

Kate said...

Just reading all that you have done in the garden tired me right out! You have amazing stores of energy. I can understand how it isn't always easy to explain that deep connection with music ... it's just there and that is what matters!

Waterhouse was an incredible painter of women. I love the Ophelia one ... creepy maybe but beautiful too!

I hope you are feeling well!!

Alyssa said...

Pam - I'm glad you liked the show. It's fun to look at different artists and discover what you can identify with in their work.

Mary - Yes he does a really good job with serious young women. I like the over the top romanticism. You know, my back feels great - it's my legs that ache. All that kneeling up and down. Ugh! I was so tired at work tonight, I'm glad the hard part of gardening is nearly finished.

Greeny - I'm really glad that my blog has cheered you up and got you thinking about a new garden. It is a very positive thing to focus on. I think African Masks need just the right conditions to flourish - give it another try. Tell Sally yes all of us on the internet are movie stars and we are getting paid lots of money to be here! Glad you liked the pictures and I'll have more in a few weeks. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom

Kate - I guess I've never thought how personal music is to me and that's probably why writing the music blog will take more time. It will be a fun challenge. I read that Waterhouse painted 3 different Opheilas. Maybe I can find the others. I especially like his mythological heroines.

Lizzie A said...

~Hey Alyssa,
I was just looking through the pretty paintings and two caught my eye. One was the woman with the dark blue-ish grey scarf getting caught and pulled by the wind, and then the one right above her with the pretty dress with the blue over top. Those two are my favorites of the ones you put up, though they are all beautiful!
How have you been? I just started one of my many activities that I will be involved in this summer, band camp, and then in two weeks (from yesterday) I will be on the plane for Poland, and from the Israes!

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

I learn more about art and artists each time I read your blog. I never had much education in that area. Beautiful painitngs.

Alyssa said...

Lizzie - I'm glad you liked the pictures. The woman in the wind is titled "Borealis" - Boreas in Greek mythology was the god of the north wind. The other lady is Ophelia - a tragic heroine who drowns herself in the play "Hamlet". It sounds like you'll be having an exciting summer.

Marie - It's nice to hear you are enjoying the artwork. I'll be featuring another of my favorites next month. I'm learning alot too.

Ashley :o) said...

oh everyone is commenting on how amazing your blogs are... so i figured i'd comment on how amazing you are! i love you! have a wonderful evening! hope work wasn't too hott!!! i love you!!!

Ziggywigs said...

Brilliant really enjoyed reading your really gives me food for thought.

greenthumbz said...

Mom, I must tell you, as you know I have begun my fall designs--well yesterday I went to take a peek at what I have going on in my over grown weedy mess in my south bed. Next thing you know---Im grabbing all my tools and about 40 seed packets I had bought for my Father-in-law and went CRAZY... I cleared the weeds and found several "treasures" a lone Snap Dragon,chives,2Black-eyed Susans and 3 Marigolds! Then I went back to the garage for my yard waste bucket...And to my amazement I found in that bucket about 15 LIVE Hen-n-Chicks...They have been in that bucket since last fall. I could'nt figure out how the managed to stay alive--Until I looked up--the garage roof has a small leak and low and behold it was dripping into the bucket!!!They were a gift from an old landscape contact I had last year. I thought I had planted them all in the "other" garden.What a wonderful suprise!! Well one thing led to another and I turned into a digging fool. I cleared it all and went completely nuts with all the seeds...To many to list but, I used my "Alyssa's" (hehehehe) for my natural border.Sally planted her giant Sunflowers,Cosmos and Zinnias!(she loves the bright colors)I know its pretty late to be planting seeds but I dont care--something will bloom and thats what matters.The soil is incredible and I have tons of worms. I had to be careful I didnt want to chop them up .... so they got moved to a nice area that I will work on at a later date...My project today was AWFUL--Barberry Bushes. Even with my leather gloves,I got stabbed and my arms look like I got in a bad fight with Laboo(my kitty). This weekend Tony is taking me plant shopping for my B-day. Mom, both Tony and I love the "old bear" soooooo much!!! Do you have ANY idea where we could find this print to buy? And the pigs also? We just LOVE them and we want to put "old bear" in Sally's room! All her artwork is plants and animals and she would just love it!!! My project for 2-morrow is trench edging.(not a favorite thing of mine , but must be done)I've never felt pain like this but I would'nt trade it for anything and I had my neck brace on... Funny...that's the only place I have NO pain (neck)I'm very glad none of my DR's saw me---they'd have me duct tapped to my bed!!!!hahahah.But I feel GREAT and plan to do what ever I want these next two weeks B-4 the "big day". I just cant THANK-YOU ENOUGH! Love,Ad.

greenthumbz said...
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greenthumbz said...
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Anonymous said...

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