Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bloom Day, Pugs, and Fishes

Here are the sad little faces that watched from indoors as the Bad Mom walked around the gardens snapping pictures (WITHOUT them!!).


"The bunnies did that, not me!"

" Hey Mom, look I can roll my tongue."

"This shouldn't happen to a dog!"

The fish swam up to greet me thinking I had food - very similar to the pugs.

The gardens are lush and beautiful today. We've had little rain, but have been watering a lot. I posted so many day lilies last week that none are included today. Right now the phlox are coming into their own in the back garden. They are "wild" - meaning I didn't plant them - but they were here when we moved in.

Notice these are all look a little like the roadside phlox.

These are some "tame" ones.

Lilies and "Lady In Red"

Bachelor Button, Onion that went to seed, Double Hollyhocks

Orinetpet lilies (cross between Oriental and Trumpets)

Lilium Henryii and a Trumpet lily

Fragrant yellow trumpet

Balloon Flower - Before and After

Gooseneck Loosestrife, Cone Flowers, Rudbeckia, and Cat Mint

"Goldsturm" Rudbeckia and Black Eyed Susans with Lilies

Veronica and Begonia

Two lovely Begonias
I hope you enjoyed your visit to my garden.
Bye for now,


Carolyn gail said...

Incredible display of flowers, Alyssa ! Those Phlox definitely do NOT look like roadside ones -those are very treasured varieties. The roadside ones are usually white or pale pink.

Love your variety of flowers.

Carol said...

I did enjoy my visit to your garden this morning. Lovely flowers, and a lot of variety. Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Pam said...

Your photos are a feast of color and you mind if I play with some of them?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

My friend/neighbor loves pugs and breeds them.

Your phlox are beautiful as are all of your flowers.

Alyssa said...

Carolyn- Thank you. I'm glad to hear about my phlox although I love them no matter what. They are a hardy, well-behaved plant.

Carol - Thanks for visiting Carol it was my pleasure.

Pam - Of course you are welcome to any pictures I put on my site. I'm really curious to see what you create with them.

Robin's Nest - You are so lucky to be near someone who has lots of pugs. The phlox are show-stoppers and they smell wonderful.

Mary said...

Hi Alyssa! It's go good to hear from you! I enlarged all of your photos and they are EXCELLENT! I notice a lot of blue flowers (my favorite flower color). Even though your gardens are wonderful (I envy your array of flowers), what I love most are those PURDY PUGGY FACES! Ahhhh! I want to put my hands around those adorable faces and kiss kiss kiss. Are they are funny as their reputation reports? Do they get along well with each other and are they dorky people lovers? I guess I'm so excited about them is because they have "pushed in snouts" like my dogs. Faces only MOMS could love.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I definitely enjoyed my visit, Alyssa! Those orienpet lilies are gorgeous... but I really liked one of the first ones you showed, with white petals and a yellow flush down the middle of each. Any idea what the name is on that one?

ps. Lucky you, to inherit such beautifully flowering phlox!

Alyssa said...

Mary - Thank you for the compliments.

The pugs would kiss you before you got to them! They love to kiss and lick - - all the time. Thea is very spoiled and jealous if Garm gets any attention. You see, she was with us first and Garm is the trespasser. But they usually are great pals.

Yes, they are dorky people lovers and would prefer to be with a human. They generally ignore other dogs.

Lots of people think the pushed in faces are ugly - but you and I know how wrong they are!!

Good to hear from you too.


Annie in Austin said...

Hello Alyssa,

You've shared some gorgeous flowers for Blooming day - the lilac-purple phlox are quite covetable! And the pale yellow lily below the phlox is a stunner.

I also got a kick out of your previous post - Lily Excess!!
They only bloom once in a year, so you're right- let's wallow in their beauty.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Alyssa said...

Blackswamp Girl - I don't know off hand what it's name is but I know it is an Oriental. I'll have to look through my catalogues and then I will contact you with the name. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit. Drop by anytime.

Annie - Thank you for your kind comments. Doesn't it seem that the things we have the least to do with are often the most successful - these handed down phlox are a wonderful example.

Yes, I just love to wallow in the dayliles. Everyone else can too!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What lovely blooms you got for blooms day. I like the Phloxes especially, they smell so nice, don't they?

Cute pugs BTW. ;-)

Alyssa said...

Yolanda - Thank you. Yes the phlox and the pugs have stolen the show this month. You'll be seeing more pugs next time as well.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful photos and the little pugs look sooooo sad :).