Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's Pugdimonium!!

I've decided that it's time for a "Pugs Only" posting. There have been requests for more pugs (Mary!!) so here they are. Because they aren't too active by dog standards, most of the pictures are of them sitting or laying down. Or positioned by windows so they can bark at someone or something outside i.e. Mom, Dad, Various Friends and Relatives, UPS Truck, Post Man (Woman), Neighbor, Neighbor and his Dog, Wild Turkeys, Deer, Raccoon and 'Possum.

The bedroom and breezeway are prime spots for outside viewing and the arm
of the couch works well for just chilling out.

Dad had better not pay too much attention to Garm
because . . . .

some other little dog is ALWAYS watching and insists on joining in . . . .

but, happily, everyone can fit on the smaller couch.

(Notice that Steve has a different tee shirt on.)

Ashley has a special fondness for Garm and look how
I caught Thea in action!! She looks like Maniac Pug!
This is how she is half the time.

Garm loves this recliner and is a big ol' snoozer. My neck would
be soooo stiff if I slept like that.

Who is this little angelic dog with her dolly?
And who says animals don't smile??

Aww . . . .

In the world of No,
dogs are Yes.
Robert Sward
This is a short and sweet post because I've got the latest Harry Potter novel and plan to do a lot of reading tonight.
Bye for now,


Carol said...

Cute dogs. My sister used to have a black pug named "Prissy", short for Princess something or other. She was quite a dog with her own personality, and quite spoiled. Your pugs aren't spoiled, are they? :-)

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Mary said...

I...could...just...hug them. My goodness what cute faces! I thought Pugs were active little circus clowns. They seem to get along well with each other. Thea is jealous of Garm most of the time? My younger dog is very jealous of the older one.

I agree with Carol, they look spoiled but not rotten :o)

Thanks for the Pug Fix, Alyssa!

Alyssa said...

Carol - Oh, they are only spoiled just a "little". They sure do have their own personalities.

Mary - I'm glad you got your fix. I will give them hugs from you. I guess if there were kids in our family they'd be more active. But we're just a couple of "older people". Yes Thea is jealous most of the time and that can be a real pain. But we just keep treating them equally.

DeeMom said...

adorable dogs, great pictures.

I finished the book...hope you have...

kate said...

Hi Alyssa - this was great fun. Thea and Garm are adorable ... I look longingly at their size and how they can fit on the sofa. My big guy thinks he is small and attempts same. A little sibling rivalry probably keeps them both on their toes ...

And I am now in that angry phase which is hard ... you were right. It took a while & how do you deal with that angry hurt? I'm working feverishly on my mural ... have a section of trellis done now and a large delphinium. Life, huh?

Alyssa said...

DeeMom - Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I've finished too and really enjoyed it. Wonder what's in store next?

Kate - Yes, I'm glad we decided on small dogs just for that reason. I like having them up on the furniture (but the hair is bad) with us.

What I've found with anger is to set aside a few minutes on and off during the day to just think about it. Then, put it aside, push it out of your mind and YOU summon it when YOU want. That way, it never is overwhelming and doesn't become an obsession. And it slowly looses it's power.

Gretchen said...

They are too adorible! Dogs make the best subjects for photos. Unlike kids, they'll happily sit for hours on end to amuse us. :)