Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Post of Excess ! ! !

I am inundated with lilies right now - daylilies and the "other" lilies. They are all mixed together here and they are all beautiful. It is Lily Excess Day for me. What a wonderful bounty!! Sorry I don't have their names this time. (Oh yes, at the very end are some extremely cute pug pictures.)

Garm is exhausted from all the excess:

"Just let me sleep, please!"

"She's keeping me awake! Ugh"
Moderation is a fatal thing, Lady Hunstation. Nothing succeeds like excess.
Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900) - A Woman of No Importance
Well said, Mr. Wilde, well said.
Bye for now,


DeeMom said...

Stunning flowers.

Adorable dog...

Mary said...



I LOVE YOUR PUGS! Please post more about their comical ways!

I know you must have stories to tell, Alyssa :o)

Alyssa said...

Deemom - Thank you for the compliments.

Mary - I'll try to think of some of the silly things they do and get some of the more goofy pictures of them. They can be real clowns.

kate said...

Hi Alyssa - Your lily collection is a stunning one. They are so pretty ...each lovely in their own way.

And Garm looks totally exhausted. Your pugs are totally cute! What a difference in size between them and the elephants gracing the left-hand side of your page!

Alyssa said...

Hi Kate - Thank you. The lily time is the highlight of our gardening year. We always look forward to seeing them and try to have get-togethers during that time.

Sometimes when Garm wants to sit on my lap he feels as big as an elephant!

chuck b. said...

Okay, the lilies are nice, but I love the pugs!